What Millennials Want From YOU!

How to get them to stick around longer.

Everyone is talking about how often Millennials change jobs, and how disruptive that is to the companies who have to constantly hire and train new employees. But what to do about it?
Most Millennials leave because they want more help in the area of personal growth than companies are prepared to provide. This includes career development coaching, learning new skills, and regular interaction with senior management.

They believe that they can best get these things by moving to new companies every two years. You can change their beliefs and their behavior by giving them those opportunities in their current company.

Provide them career coaching, regular interaction with management, and opportunities to learn and grow in their current jobs and watch them stick around!

Here is a little more data from our friends at Accenture:

The survey also found 77% of 2015 graduates expect to receive formal training in their first job, but only 53% of 2013 and 2014 graduates reported that their employer provided such opportunities.

“The latest crop of college graduates are highly resourceful and pragmatic — a positive sign for both students and employers,” said David Smith, senior managing director, Accenture Strategy. “Unfortunately, while many organizations are focusing on attracting top young talent, they’re struggling to provide learning and development opportunities for them once they join. Companies need to develop a talent supply chain that addresses continued development and retention with the same rigor it does recruiting.”

It’s funny how things come back around, when i finished graduate school I went into a one year training program with General Motors, but i couldn’t wait to get out and just work! Maybe we need to bring back the one year rotational training programs for Millennials, what do you think?

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