Preparing for success


At CoachMarket we have customers that range in age from 18 to 60, and so we have a unique view into how different age groups look for new opportunities, what they prioritize and what they should prioritize but don’t as they think through their next career opportunity.

For career minded professionals in their mid to late 20’s what we see is a lack of perspective regarding how important it is to build a network to serve as a foundation for your long term career success. People connect you to career opportunities, so the more people you know and know well, the more opportunities you will naturally find available to you.

So looking for jobs at the leading companies in the industry, say Google or Facebook in tech, or JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs in banking, not only provides you with challenging work and a great name on your resume, but also becomes a place to meet hundreds of others to form a network that will prove to be a huge asset in your career for the next decade.

So we coach our clients about thinking two steps ahead, how will this job and the company satisfy your short term goals of income, rewarding work and professional achievement, but also how will it prepare you for what you want to do after you have spent 3-5 years in that company?

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