‘Lean in’ With a Career Coach

Since they first entered the workforce, women have traditionally walked a fine line between family life and the business world. Over the last several decades, determined and hardworking women have overcome barriers to rise up and shatter glass ceilings in nearly every industry. These hard-fought battles often came at the expense of a fulfilling personal and family life.

While there is still work to be done — women are still underrepresented in many industries — there are trailblazing women with strong professional experience who are able and willing to help other women navigate the pitfalls of the modern workplace. An advisor can help a less experienced professional identify genuine opportunities to succeed in her career while still maintaining a healthy work-life balance. It is possible to be a mother, wife, sister, and friend while working to progress steadily up the company ranks. In the words of Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, women can heed the call to action by “leaning in” and taking charge of their careers. Part of this is asking for help in doing so.

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The Most Dangerous Leadership Traps — and the 15-Minute Daily Practice That Will Save You

Every day, Chris Holmberg tries to put himself out of business. As an executive coach for nearly two decades, he’s worked with leaders of tiny startups and multinational corporations alike. But the core of his practice remains pretty counterintuitive: There’s no solution. No secret sauce. He doesn’t claim to have magic formulas for building teams or running meetings or tripling ROI. Instead, he’s in the business of building mindsets that can handle anything…

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Adding the ‘Human Touch’ to Your Job Search

Looking for a job can be discouraging. Being rejected can be downright depressing. Getting a promotion or a new position is exciting. Any career transition (whether good or bad) tends to be confusing and sometimes scary.

Your whole career path will be full of emotions that run the gamut from celebratory to an almost grievous sense of loss. While you may have a support group in the form of family and friends, these well-meaning loved ones may not necessarily understand what it is like to be in your shoes, nor do they have the acumen to point you in the right direction.

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5 Reasons Why Even CEOs Need Career Coaches

Coaches are present and accessible for a variety of things. Superstar athletes have coaches to become even bigger superstars and top performers in their sport.  Therefore, it makes sense for a career coach to be used during the job search, even when you hold the title of CEO.

#1 – Career Coaches Prevent You from Making Mistakes

Everyone likes to feel as though they are 100% correct about something.  However, an expert career advisor is going to let you know when you are wrong and show you the correct way to go about things during a job search. Think of your coach as a second opinion person. You can tell them your action plan, they analyze it, and then they will point out the mistakes and offer suggestions on what you could do instead to achieve the results that you desire. A professional career coaches will help you make your job transition goals become a reality.

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Hate Looking for a Job? 8 Signs You Need a Career Coach

Are you wondering if hiring a career coach is right for you?

Just ask yourself these three simple questions:

  1. Do you have a serious problem landing an interview?
  2. Do you hate your job, but don’t know what else to go for?
  3. Do you get worried even thinking about job interviews?

Did you answer “Yes” to any one of these questions?

If so, you are in need of some help from a hiring professional. A great career coach will do more than just lead you down the right career path. As your career advisor, they will help you to polish your resume and interview skills. An expert will help you seek out positions in the hidden job market that allow you to best utilize your strengths and personality. They will build you up internally to help you land the dream job that you want.

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Should You Really Become an Entrepreneur?

Anyone who has ever sat in a fruitless, hours-long work meeting that doesn’t seem to be accomplishing anything has probably had the thought: “Wouldn’t it be great if I could launch my own business?” Many Americans today are working longer hours and seeing work encroach on their personal time without any noticeable financial improvements. Salaries are stagnant, workloads are increasing, and corporate bureaucracy is on the rise. Launching a business seems like a great alternative to pointless meetings, inept managers, annoying coworkers, and the morale-crushing aspects of corporate life.

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