Hiring a Coach to Spark the Job Hunt

Great article in the New York Times on how to find and use a coach to conduct an effective job search: 

“My husband lost his high-level, overseas position after the company sold off his division. He has always been an ambitious, successful executive. But in the year since this job ended and we moved back to the United States, he has become depressed. His efforts to find new work, while sincere, have not been consistent...”

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Before you quit your job….

Make a “stay list” of what would need to change and who has the authority to grant your wishes.

On average millenials change jobs every two years, from what I see in the technology industry, I would say the average is more like 18 months. Why is this and is this a good or bad thing? Well, I believe it is too frequent and bad in general for both parties.

Why is this happening? We are in the transition generation between the expectation of a long term employment contract with a stable company, to the current environment where no such implied contract will ever exist again, and nobody can predict which companies will be around 10 years from now.

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Outplacement made easy

Trained professional coaches can be a great all-in-one resource for small and medium sized companies to use in lieu of traditional outplacement firms.

They are less expensive and can provide the customized support that the larger firms can’t.

Coaches can help facilitate the transition process for the organization and terminated employee by providing targeted career services to the affected so that they can quickly land another job.

This reduces disruption and protects the reputation of the company. In this context, a coach serves two separate clients: the company and its former employees.

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Choose Culture Over Industry When Deciding On Your Next Career Move

Great article from taskandpurpose.com on the importance of cultural fit at work, especially for transitioning veterans:

“When it comes to finding the right career, harmony matters. During my early years in the Marine Corps, my square peg fit well enough into its square hole. As the edges of my personality and values changed over time, however, I no longer fit the Marine Corps’ square hole. Inevitably, we grew apart and the old cultural harmony between me and the Corps veered off track and ended with frustration.”

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How career coaches give you an unfair advantage

There are many benefits to career coaching for professionals, but elevating candidate skills during a job search is mission critical. While job sites and recruiters helps professionals navigate the dizzying job hunt, a career coach can fast track the recruitment process by helping the professional prepare, build, and execute a strategy. 

A career coach is someone who is trained to help a candidate discover their strengths to achieve their goals in the interview process.  Sometimes that requires figuring out what those goals are and how to articulate those strengths to a prospective employer. Career coaches are invaluable for identifying points of failure in the interview process, from building a personal brand to dealing with the emotional side of the experience, but they’re especially adept at communicating those weaknesses in a constructive way. 

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What Millennials Want From YOU!

How to get them to stick around longer.

Everyone is talking about how often Millennials change jobs, and how disruptive that is to the companies who have to constantly hire and train new employees. But what to do about it?
Most Millennials leave because they want more help in the area of personal growth than companies are prepared to provide. This includes career development coaching, learning new skills, and regular interaction with senior management.

They believe that they can best get these things by moving to new companies every two years. You can change their beliefs and their behavior by giving them those opportunities in their current company.

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