Outplacement made easy

Trained professional coaches can be a great all-in-one resource for small and medium sized companies to use in lieu of traditional outplacement firms.

They are less expensive and can provide the customized support that the larger firms can’t.

Coaches can help facilitate the transition process for the organization and terminated employee by providing targeted career services to the affected so that they can quickly land another job.

This reduces disruption and protects the reputation of the company. In this context, a coach serves two separate clients: the company and its former employees.

Coaches help in the following ways: 

·        To help reduce employee stress, for those that have been displaced and those retained.

·        To help mitigate the risk of negative action.

·        To help provide affected employees with the best career services available.

Here are three things to consider when thinking about working with a coach:

1. Explore salvaging the relationship

A coach might be able to salvage your company’s relationship with an employee. Fixing an impaired relationship will certainly be a less expensive option than terminating that relationship. The best possible outcome is that the coach is able to repair the connection and restore your trust in the employee, and the employee resumes functioning at a high level.

2. Find a coach that has experience working with the types of employees getting laid off

It’s important that the coach you use to provide outplacement services to terminated employees has a grasp of your company’s industry, the seniority of terminated employees, and even the region. Establishing this fit helps coaches to get started quickly and begin working with your ex-employees on transitioning into their next career.

3. Look for a coach that provides customized solutions

An exceptional career transition coach will help assess a company’s needs and develop custom programs to meet those needs. Obstacles in finding new jobs for displaced employees vary but, for example, can include regional economic characteristics or the decline or even elimination of specific job functions.


The decision to downsize an organization and reduce existing staff can be tremendously stressful and expensive. It disrupts both the work-lives of those being terminated and those who are left behind.

Coaches can provide the needed logistical support to facilitate this difficult transition. The best coaches can help address employee performance issues, provide outplacement services, and customize their solutions to meet your needs, all with a personal touch.  


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