Don’t train new hires at your own risk

From the HBR Blog Network: “By improving the processes for cultivating your newest and least experienced workers, you can remove much of the risk in your talent pipeline. Currently, nearly half of those who graduated within the last two years (46%) say they consider themselves “underemployed” and working in jobs that do not require their college degree, and more than half (56%) report they do not expect to stay at their first job more than two years – or that they have already left their first job. Such attrition represents an unnecessary setback for the employers who will have to go through the expensive process of finding and attracting promising young talent again. To “future proof” your business, you need to fill and maintain a pipeline of people steadily gaining experience and advancing toward leadership roles.”

Hiring is an investment. To get your return and reduce waste, training new hires prepares them not only for success, but also a sense of on-the-job fulfillment, which will greatly reduce their urge to cut and run if they don’t feel valuable. Click here for the full article from the Harvard Business Review.

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