Climbing the Career Jungle Gym

Jungle, Gym

Managing your career is hard work. How do you choose the right path? Should you change jobs? How do you identify the best career opportunities? More than ever, getting ahead is less about climbing the rungs of a career ladder. Rather, it is like a jungle gym. You need to be flexible and adopt fresh strategies to effectively manage your career in this trickier landscape.

Here are some outside-the-box ways of managing your career and navigating this new world of work.

1. Freshen up your online profiles

If you have not signed in and refreshed your social media profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) since you became a member of the site, this is the time to do it. Are your bio snippets still an effective representation of your brand? Your whole digital presence has become a crucial component of your work and personal brand – make certain they are all an accurate reflection.

You do not need to redesign each and every social media account daily, or even monthly. However, you ought to log in regularly, and update the content. Keep it fresh! This might mean upgrading your resume details on LinkedIn even if you love your current job, and a lot more often if you’re actually seeking work.

2. Get a friend to hold you accountable

Find a person at your place of work (or a reliable friend if you are looking for work) who’ll take a legitimate interest in your performance. It could be your manager, but oftentimes it’s much easier to have a practical conversation with someone who’s not your boss.

This person will let you know when you are underperforming – whether you are dogging it at work, or whether you aren’t fully engaged in your job search. We love to believe we know ourselves, but a majority of us don’t possess an accurate picture of how we’re performing. We might be completely screwing up and never even know it! Consent to constructive criticism from your accountability partner. It will likely be among the best methods for you to enhance your performance. For those who don’t take constructive criticism well, it’s time to start!

3. Get in touch with one inactive contact each day

Research studies have shown that individuals you used to know will be more beneficial resources for guidance than the people you’re friends with right now. Your previous coworkers and your college roomies happen to have been learning new things and meeting new people in the past couple of years, so they are able to open up about novel ideas and opportunities.

4. Take an online class

If you feel like your skills aren’t up to date, this can be an especially potent way of freshening up your talent profile. Additionally, if you are looking to change careers, an online course could clue you in to new industry developments, boosting your attractiveness to prospective employers.Try exploring something new that excites you!

5. Learn to love networking

Hate networking? Too bad. It’s indispensable. You might view an evening of networking as a painful chore but that mindset places you firmly behind the curve. Instead, look at networking as time well spent. Consider it as a way to discover the next big career opportunity. If you really want to step up your game – research attendees before coming to the event and enter the evening with prepared talking points.

6. Try doing five-minute favors for people

Altruism can be life-changing. A lot of us refrain from assisting other people simply because we can’t be bothered. But the truth is that a great many acts of kindness can be achieved in 5 minutes or less. A favor could be as simple as making an introduction between two different people who could really benefit from knowing one another.

The world of work is changing, but if you begin thinking outside the box you will find that you will attract new opportunities.

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