4 Tips to Ensure Job Seeking Success

niekverlaan / Pixabay
  1. Today, your headshot on LinkedIn is one of the most important personal branding tools you have. As more elements of the job search process have moved online, hiring managers and recruiters want to connect a face with a name.
  2. There was a time when your resume was everything. Focus on your online profile, because it tells people what you’ve done, and tells them who you are in an authentic and compelling way.
  3. Today, that in-person interview comes long after many other qualifiers you need to work through. You likely won’t get to the in-person interview unless you’ve have a person at the company recommend you. So do your research, network with current employees or affiliates of the company and ask for an informational interview.
  4. One of the biggest questions job seekers have is “How do I explain gaps in my employment?” That used to be an interview killer. The key to being able to explain the gaps and finding a job is old-fashioned networking. Networking today has moved to the virtual world. Now it’s important to become very good at networking online and to learn how to use sites like LinkedIn to connect with others in your field.

This is a guest post written by Bob Britz: Check out his CoachMarket profile and place a request to speak to him today!

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