3 Signs You Need a New Job in 2016

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Changing your job is no easy decision. Human beings crave routine and comfort. In the same way we’ve most likely stayed in a romantic relationship just a little too long, staying in a job we’ve outgrown can have the same affect.

Making a decision to change isn’t an overnight event. It’s a process.  Paying attention to  signs it’s time to begin the career change process BEFORE you get to the end of your rope is essential. Being able to leave on good terms serves you in the long run. Paying attention to our professional happiness impacts us on many levels – emotionally, financially, personally. Change is not meant to be entered into lightly, but consciously. How many of these three signs ring true for you?

You’ve been saying you need to move on for over a year.

Chances are that if you’ve been thinking about leaving for over a year, it’s time to start exploring. Looking doesn’t mean leaving, it just means Hate my joblooking. Looking smart is also key as you begin to explore. Applying online is just ONE way of looking. In addition to doing some job searching online, it’s critical to start nurturing your network.

What to do if this resonates for you:

  • Select 2 people in your network who you feel might be able to offer you insight into the desired job change and set up a conversation or personal meeting.
  • Start collecting a list of job search terms and save these search criteria.

Your emotional and physical health is compromised by your current job.

These are major warning signs that it’s time to start looking. Whether it is the content of your work, your boss, the organization or something else that is causing you to experience above average stress, action here is critical. Yes, I understand you can’t just up and quit but you’ve got to start thinking about things to do to help your situation. Small steps towards at the beginning of change can propel you into a healthy transition.

Your relationships are being negatively affected by your job dissatisfaction.

If your professional unhappiness causes excess spats with partners, children, friends or other relatives it’s time to ask an important question: If this continues, what will be the long-term impact on your relationships? If you are taking your job stress home with you or your loved ones are tired of hearing you complain about work, it’s time to get into action. Yes, it can be scary but imagine what your relationships would look like without the intensity of your current job dissatisfaction.

What to do if this resonates with you:

  • Start getting your resume and LinkedIn profile in shape. Even if you just start doing this, you will start to feel motivation and momentum.
  • Start doing the job search preparation in sign #1 of this blog.

Will 2016 be the year you take a step in the right direction? If rash change isn’t your thing, that’s ok, it’s not ours either. Make a sound career change. Do it for you, your happiness and the people you care about.

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